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    Product Introduction

    The LunaScript® RT SuperMix Kit is optimized for cDNA synthesis in a two-step RT-qPCR workflow.

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    • Single-tube SuperMix contains random hexamer and oligo-dT primers, dNTPs, Murine RNase Inhibitor, and Luna® Reverse Transcriptase 
    • Non-interfering, visible tracking dye helps to eliminate pipetting errors
    • Combine with Luna qPCR master mixes for robust RT-qPCR results
    Experience best-in-class performance
    • Less than 15 minute first-strand cDNA synthesis protocol
    • All Luna products have undergone rigorous testing to optimize specificity, sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility
    • A comprehensive evaluation of commercially-available qPCR and RT-qPCR reagents demonstrates superior performance of Luna products
    Illuminate your two-step RT-qPCR
    • Novel, thermostable Luna Reverse Transcriptase improves performance 
    • Consistent linearity, sensitivity, and capacity for reliable RNA quantification

    Faqs & Tech Tips


    1. Can I use  RNA samples purified from different storage conditions such as RNALater in my LunaScript®  cDNA synthesis reactions?
    2. Can I add gene-specific primers in my LunaScript®  cDNA synthesis reaction?
    3. Can I set up my cDNA synthesis reaction at room temperature when using the LunaScript®  RT SuperMix?
    4. Can I store the LunaScript®  RT SuperMix at room temperature or 4°C?
    5. Can I use a shorter incubation time for my cDNA synthesis reaction when using the LunaScript®  RT SuperMix?
    6. Can I use LunaScript® cDNA products directly in qPCR? How much can I use for detection in a qPCR reaction?
    7. How do I choose between LunaScript® RT SuperMix Kit and ProtoScript first strand cDNA synthesis kits?
    8. How do I know whether my template RNA is of good quality?
    9. How much RNA template should I use in my LunaScript®  cDNA synthesis reactions?
    10. How much cDNA product can I use for detection in a qPCR reaction?
    11. How should I store LunaScript®  cDNA products?
    12. How should I choose between a one-step RT-qPCR or two-step RT-qPCR approach?
    13. Should I include a No-Reverse Transcriptase (RT) control reaction when setting up my cDNA synthesis reaction?
    14. What qPCR reagents do you recommend for detection of cDNA products?
    15. What RNA samples can be used in the LunaScript®  cDNA synthesis reactions?
    16. What temperature should I use for my LunaScript®  cDNA synthesis reaction?
    17. Why do I have low cDNA yields?
    18. Will the blue dye in the LunaScript®  RT SuperMix interfere with detection?
    19. Are the Monarch RNA Cleanup Kits compatible with Luna RT-qPCR reagents?

    Protocols & Manuals


    The Product Manual includes details for how to use the product, as well as details of its formulation and quality controls. The following file naming structure is used to name these document files: manual[Catalog Number].)


    1. Protocol for LunaScript®  RT SuperMix Kit (E3010)
    2. Protocol for Two-step RT-qPCR using the LunaScript® RT SuperMix Kit (NEB #E3010) and the Luna® Universal qPCR Master Mix (NEB #M3003) or Luna Universal Probe qPCR Master Mix (NEB #M3004) 

    Quality & Safety

    Quality Assurance Statement

    Quality Control tests are performed on each new lot of NEB product to meet the specifications designated for it. Specifications and individual lot data from the tests that are performed for this particular product can be found and downloaded on the Product Specification Sheet, Certificate of Analysis, data card or product manual. Further information regarding NEB product quality can be found here.


    The Specification sheet is a document that includes the storage temperature, shelf life and the specifications designated for the product. The following file naming structure is used to name these document files: [Product Number]_[Size]_[Version]

    Certificate Of Analysis

    The Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a signed document that includes the storage temperature, expiration date and quality controls for an individual lot. The following file naming structure is used to name these document files: [Product Number]_[Size]_[Version]_[Lot Number]

    Safety DataSheets

    The following is a list of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that apply to this product to help you use it safely.

    Nuclease-free Water