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NEBridge Golden Gate Assembly Kits
50+ fragment DNA assembly achievable with high efficiency and accuracy!

With constant advances in both the development of new enzymes, tools and research on maximizing enzyme functionality (e.g., ligase fidelity), NEB is the industry leader in pushing the limits of Golden Gate Assembly and related methods.


Perform single insert cloning in just 5 minutes using our fast protocols
Clone seamlessly, with no scars remaining after assembly
Assemble multiple fragments (2–50+) in order, in a single reaction
Use with a broad range of fragment sizes (<100 bp to >15 kb)
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E1601L 100 reactions NEBridge® Golden Gate Assembly Kit (BsaI-HF® v2)
E1601S 20 reactions NEBridge® Golden Gate Assembly Kit (BsaI-HF® v2)
E1602L 100 reactions NEB® Golden Gate Assembly Kit (BsmBI-v2)        
E1602S 20 reactions NEB® Golden Gate Assembly Kit (BsmBI-v2)        
M1100L 250 reactions NEBridge™ Ligase Master Mix
M1100S 50 reactions NEBridge™ Ligase Master Mix
R0539L 1500 units BbsI
R0539S 300 units BbsI
R0734L 1500 units Esp3I
R0734S 300 units Esp3I
R0739L 1000 units BsmBI-v2
R0739S 200 units BsmBI-v2
R3539L 1500 units BbsI-HF®
R3539M 1000 units BbsI-HF®
R3539S 300 units BbsI-HF®
R3733L 5000 units BsaI-HF®v2
R3733S 1000 units BsaI-HF®v2
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