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Advances in molecular biology require constant innovation and forward progress in the tools and techniques at the core of the field. New England Biolabs is committed to providing a wide variety of essential reagents that serve to advance the frontier of DNA-based manipulations.

NEB’s enzymology expertise sets it apart from competitors, allowing us to produce enzymes for molecular biology that deliver; our highly pure enzymes, over 250 of which are recombinant, offer exceptional performance and value.

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DNA Modifying Enzymes includes these subcategories:
DNA Ligase Products
DNA Repair Proteins
Phosphatases & Sulfurylases
ssDNA Binding Proteins
DNA Labeling
Other Products
Protocols for DNA Modifying Enzymes
Application Notes for DNA Modifying Enzymes
Common Applications of Exonucleases and Endonucleases
NEB provides a list of common applications for our exonucleases and endonucleases.
Properties of Exonucleases and Endonucleases
NEB supplies many nucleases; several characteristics should be considered when choosing the one best suited to your particular research needs.