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New Website Features

Many new features have been introduced into the newest version of These have been implemented to provide you with greater ease-of-use and functionality.

Discount Level

You Will Be Able To See Your Discount Level When Shopping

At, the more you purchase online, the greater your discount. (Discounts are calculated per username, and can reach 20%). Immediately, you will be able to see what you discount level is, and what purchases are necessary to reach the next discount level.

To find out your Discount level you need to login to your account. It can be done either through login panel in the header of the page or link at the bottom of the home page.



For prominence, discount level is being placed at the top area of the Manage Your Account page.

Save Multiple Carts

You Can Create and Save Multiple Shopping Carts

If you are purchasing for more than one person, or if you wish to apply specific purchases to a particular grant, then this feature was made for you. By creating and saving multiple shopping carts (each with an individual ship-to address), you can segregate your purchases any way you wish.


View Your Saved Cart

To view or modify the saved cart, click the "See Your Saved Carts" link on the Account tools box which appears on the right hand side of the page.

Email Shopping List

You Can Email Your Shopping List

If someone else has responsibility for purchasing, then this feature was made for you. After filling your chart, instead of checking-out, you can email the contents of your cart to someone else. When they click on the link that you have sent, the contents of your cart will be loaded into theirs! All they have to do is enter a PO or credit card to complete the order.

This feature can be accessed ether from Quick Cart panel at the right hand side of the Search Result page or in the button panel of the View Cart page.


View Your Emailed Cart

To view your email cart history, click the "See Your Email Carts" link on the Account tools box which appears on the right hand side of the page.

Create a Favorites List

You Can Create a Favorites List For Quick Ordering

If there are some reagents that you routinely use, add them to your Favorites List for quick ordering.


View Your Favorites List

To view your favourite products, click the "See Your Favourite Products" link on the Account tools box which appears on the right hand side of the page.

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